Meet our senior people. Lovers of all things craft, not least of all craft beer. 

Bridget Lamiman Bridget Lamiman

Bridget Lamiman

Account Supervisor

Don Nelson Don Nelson

Don Nelson

VP, Creative Director

Carrie Seanor Carrie Seanor

Carrie Seanor

Director Project & Production Management

Kelly Hundt Kelly Hundt

Kelly Hundt

Account Director

Nate Brown Nate Brown

Nate Brown

Senior Art Director

Thomas Richie Thomas Richie

Thomas Richie

VP, Creative Director

Kevin Richey Kevin Richey

Kevin Richey

Chief of Strategy

David Yang David Yang

David Yang

Creative Partner, Co-Founder

Bob Volkman Bob Volkman

Bob Volkman

Creative Partner, Co-Founder

Greg Reifel Greg Reifel

Greg Reifel

Managing Partner

Michael Herlehy Michael Herlehy

Michael Herlehy

The Man

Matt Fast Matt Fast

Matt Fast

Studio Manager

Mike ‘Duff’ Volkman Mike ‘Duff’ Volkman

Mike ‘Duff’ Volkman

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Finke Mike Finke

Mike Finke

Account Director

Jared El-Mofty Jared El-Mofty

Jared El-Mofty

Associate Creative Director