Craft is a noun, a verb, and our reason for being.

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co. is Chicago’s Craft communications agency – dedicated to the belief that budgets, no matter the size, last longer and work harder when a brand is well-Crafted and finds the best version of itself.

Our capabilities. Proof that Craft can even show up in a spreadsheet.


We just don't make this stuff up. Every campaign, every project, every tweet is built atop a firm strategic foundation. We devour research. We just make sure it doesn't bleed through too much and make the execution feel like an MBA lecture.



We use the power of emotion to craft distinctive, likable brand personalities. Make 'em laugh. Make 'em cry. Make 'em think. Otherwise you're just "pissin' in the wind," to borrow from songwriter extraordinaire Jerry Jeff Walker. 



The eyes are our gatekeepers to the world. Everything we create must be beautiful enough to steal gazes and cause traffic accidents.


Content Creation

Why has the Craft of storytelling been surrendered to kids with smartphones? Cheap, quick, disposable content belongs in landfill. Content must be endurable. Craft is the answer.



Digital is the most powerful force in marketing today. The only thing more powerful than digital is a really great brand idea. Imagine if you had both.


Account Services

Our philosophy: blur the line between client and agency. Understand the brand as well as the brand managers. In fact, it shouldn’t feel like separate client and agency offices, rather one big long hallway connecting us. And memorize the washroom codes.


Social Media

@TDHcreative Harry
People are wasting a lot of time on #socialmedia. Time they used to be wasting on TV, so you can’t afford to not be there too.

@TDHcreative Tom
Ask not what your tweet can do for your brand. Ask what a #brandidea can do for your tweet.

@TDHcreative Dick
The digital generation does not think of itself as that because they do not remember analog. To them, it’s not #digitalmedia, it’s just life.



A great idea that looks like a turd or is late is no longer great. It is, in fact, a turd.



We work with a wide network of media partners and spec the perfect one for each job. From the world’s largest media firms to individual consultants with world-class skills. It’s media made-to-order.



There’s a shovel hanging in our office to remind us to always be digging for insights. Our hands are properly calloused, and we also reach out to independent research partners for extra help dissecting the findings.


Public Relations

We try to make every idea we generate publicity-worthy. And many times publicity is the idea. Public relations are a big hammer in our toolbox. It's often the first thing we recommend that clients do.