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When rebranding makes you feel all warm inside

By: Dick

People often ask how creativity happens. So we brought along our paparazzi crew to capture behind-the-scenes images of a design project in action for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It’s the first in a series we’re calling Chronology of Craft. read more

The Michael Herlehy Laugh-out-Loud Gallery

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Not one of those stuffy River North museums. This is a collection of our top ten favorite ads written by our late co-founder and friend that’ll make you giggle. Plus, his poignant tribute to Vietnam vets. Michael’s versatility of voice was... read more.

The Stress-O-Meter

By: TDH Cubs Fans

When it comes to branding, sports teams are magical. In no other field is the success of the product so closely tied to the emotional well-being of its consumers, as demonstrated in this recent post by one of our resident fanatics. You probably... read more.

Agency Integration is Easy.  Just Kidding.

By: Tom

The phrase “Agency Integration” is often understood as a joke. As in, “Ha, those two agencies hate each other and they are part of the same parent corp. Ha ha. That’ll fail horribly.” Or, “Why would they integrate when... read more.

The pasta was delicious.  The menu needed some spice.

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Experiencing the full range of a client’s offering can sometimes lead to new ideas that strengthen the client’s brand promise.  This was recently the case with our client, Vi.  While lunching in one of the beautiful dining rooms at... read more.

Stars to Steer By for Redefining Senior Living

By: Tom

Duke Ellington once famously said, “I’m the easiest person in the world to please. Just give me the best.” When it comes to the highest-end retirement communities, the best is Vi. Period. If Vi had been around in Duke’s day... read more.

Crafting for Cresco

By: Leon C.

Last summer, Cresco Labs came to Tom, Dick & Harry with the unique opportunity to create a brand from scratch. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. This was uncharted territory for advertising; without precedence or context, the agency had... read more.