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When rebranding makes you feel all warm inside

By: Dick

People often ask how creativity happens. So we brought along our paparazzi crew to capture behind-the-scenes images of a design project in action for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It’s the first in a series we’re calling Chronology of Craft. read more



By: Marie Veksler, Whaxy

If the people of Illinois were not aware of the medical cannabis program in their state, they will be soon. One of the state’s largest cannabis cultivation companies, Cresco Labs, has announced their plan to spend over $1 million on a PSA campaign... read more.


Food Snobs Unite

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Chicago is home to food snobs of every stripe — from cheese connoisseurs to locally grown produce fanatics. Up until now, they’ve indulged in their obsession apart from one another. Artizone, Chicago’s one-stop online shop for all the... read more.


The Utility Player

By: Megan O.

It’s no secret: the competition for aspiring college graduates increases exponentially every year, forcing them to be innovative when looking for jobs. We’ve all heard of the prospective entry-level account-service intern who cleverly designed... read more.


It’s Not Magic. It’s Design.

By: Tom

It happens all the time. I look down at a batch of headlines I’ve written and, in the starkness of a Word doc, they just sit there…kind of limp and lifeless. A big batch of ‘meh’. I sheepishly send a few of the slightly less... read more.


Who Says an Art Director Can’t Be Colorblind?

By: Tom

Editor’s note: Nate Brown, an art director at Tom, Dick & Harry, is colorblind. This may seem like an insurmountable hurdle for someone whose livelihood depends on an astute sense of color. But Nate not only manages, he produces some of the... read more.