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TDH Eats!

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

As some of you may know, the James Beard Foundation Awards are taking place in Chicago this evening, May the Fourth (be with you). We couldn't resist celebrating the vibrant culinary variations our city has to offer. So, we rounded up some of our... read more.

Making holiday ads that make people cry (in a good way).

By: Amy M.

Sometimes, I feel a bit like the canary in the coalmine when it comes to emotional advertising. Well-crafted emotional ads often make me cry.  And when it comes to advertising, the holidays are all about charm and tearjerkers. Why? The mushiness of... read more.

Tips for the Young Copywriter

By: Steve H.

First off, I’m a young copywriter too. So this is just as much my daily internal dialogue as it is tips for others. Also, while the following words are my own, I credit most of this advice to my far more talented mentors, teachers and friends. Here... read more.

It’s Not Magic. It’s Design.

By: Tom

It happens all the time. I look down at a batch of headlines I’ve written and, in the starkness of a Word doc, they just sit there…kind of limp and lifeless. A big batch of ‘meh’. I sheepishly send a few of the slightly less... read more.

DAY 1 OF 10,750

By: Steve Horn

Editor’s note: Tom, Dick & Harry gets tons of applications from recent college grads. We only hire the best, one of which is copywriter Steve Horn, who comes from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We asked Steve to document his very first day... read more.

Why all writers should do improv

By: Harry

I am a writer. Therefore, before presenting this post for your viewing pleasure I rewrote it at least three times, edited it for length, and scrutinized about 16 word choices with the help of Thesaurus.com. Clearly I need help. But since there’s no... read more.