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By: Harry

Recently, the TDH extended family grew by two beautiful babies, both boys, born just a couple of months apart, which makes us feel all goo-goo inside.

Since our inception in 2002, the TDH staff has proven to be as skilled at procreating as we are at creating. Fifteen new children have been welcomed into this world. And that’s not including at least a half-dozen puppies.

TDH prides itself on being a family-first organization. Work hard. Change diapers hard. Advertising is perfect training for parenthood. Anxious new parents always want the best for their kids. Have you seen the new stroller technology? One popular model is a 4WD all-terrain vehicle with backup lights, warning signal, and heated leather seats. Let’s not even get into school selection. 

The thing is babies are like ideas. When you’re lucky enough to give birth to an idea, it is extremely fragile at first, Bambi-like wiggly, vulnerable to predators, and in great need of protection. Keep it safe, let it breathe, let it grow. Provide the finest buggy imaginable so that it can reach its full potential. But go easy on the pouncing at first. And watch the mixed signals.

That’s why we like to keep our creative teams small and shun words like “committee.” Big agencies tend to squash the baby shit out of developing ideas with too many critics. Imagine a little kid having twelve parents. He’s likely to become confused, disgruntled and something other than himself. Maybe he’ll end up throwing rocks at cars like one of my own. But that’s another story.

We believe in Mom, Dad, and a wise Grandparent. Okay, a rich Uncle always helps a little, too. Mostly, we believe in the unlimited potential of Junior. With plenty of love, a kick-ass ride, and just the right amount supervision, you’re going to be great.

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