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Crafting for Cresco

By: Leon C.

Last summer, Cresco Labs came to Tom, Dick & Harry with the unique opportunity to create a brand from scratch. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. This was uncharted territory for advertising; without precedence or context, the agency had to invent the brand of the cannabis cultivator. From the start, TDH and Cresco Labs were meant to be together. Cresco Labs grows and processes cannabis in a procedure that requires a surgical degree of botanical finesse. We at TDH take pride in putting the same care into the craft of our work as Cresco Labs put into theirs.

After endless hours spent on research, the team discovered the strategy that would eventually inspire the brand identity. Our artists and copywriters then worked in tandem to craft an iconography unique to Cresco Labs that would communicate their purpose within the industry: to provide comfort, health, and well-being to its customers.

This singular, abstract vision exploded into one of TDH’s most ambitious undertakings. David (founding partner, Art Director) guided the iconography from theory into execution. He and his team took charge of creating the logos, typeface, packaging, color scheme, and everything in between for the Cresco Labs brand.

The TDH team scoured over every detail. Excellent craft is what brings creative, design, and production together.


“Attention to detail,” David said, was the philosophy that most characterized this project. David made sure that every aspect of the project was carefully crafted to stay true to the original strategy. He remembers the long nights that were spent “rounding Rs,” quite literally making sure the curve of the letter was correct down to fractions of a degree. Sunny (Creative Designer) was excited to pioneer the brand for Cresco Labs. She vividly remembers the many rounds of work that went into the initiative. “It was a long process,” she said. “But we wanted to get it totally right.”

And so we did.

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