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Food Snobs Unite

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Chicago is home to food snobs of every stripe — from cheese connoisseurs to locally grown produce fanatics. Up until now, they’ve indulged in their obsession apart from one another. Artizone, Chicago’s one-stop online shop for all the best local artisanal groceries, aims to rally Chicago’s foodies under the banner “Food Snobs Unite” in its newest advertising campaign.

“We wanted to find a way to give foodies permission to take ownership of their own food snobbery and celebrate it on Artizone.com,” said Lior Lavy, Artizone’s Chief Marketing Executive.

Through the online food delivery brand’s unique service and innovation, Artizone’s newest campaign provides a community in which food snobs can connect.

The campaign will be supported through a regional cable TV buy, Chicago-area billboard, posters and platform signage at Ogilvy and Union Station, and interior train signage on Union Pacific North and Milwaukee North lines.

Artizone’s agency of record, Tom, Dick & Harry Creative, was charged with creative development of the campaign.

“The concept grew from a combination of target insight and Artizone’s willingness to unapologetically own the spirited snobbery,” said Bob Volkman, creative partner of Tom, Dick & Harry Creative. “We hope this campaign will be the beginning of a movement. Everyone is a food snob of some sort, and they should be proud of it!”  

Artizone is an online shop that curates all the best of Chicago’s farm-raised meat, local organic produce, and small-batch bread and cheese. Artizone also puts discovery at snobs’ fingertips by sharing things they never knew they needed like Bang Chocolate Stout Shoofly Pie and Old Town Oil 18-year reserve balsamic. The best part: customers can get their food delivered to their door in as little as 24 hours. 

Among the many local shops and artisans on Artizone.com, featured favorites include Paulina Meat Market, Black Dog Gelato, Dirk’s Fish, Ipsento Coffee, La Fournette Bakery and Green Grocer Chicago.

For more on the campaign, see Chicago Business Journal's "Artizone goes snobby in new ad campaign from Tom Dick & Harry, but it's okay" article. 


Artizone, Ltd., is an online grocery shopping and home delivery business operating in Chicago, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas. Founded by parents who love to cook, it currently serves over 12,000 homes and sources its products from over 200 specialty local shops in Chicago and Dallas, including local butchers, fish mongers, farmers, bakers and many more.  For more information please visit www.artizone.com

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