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Four-Factor Filter for Creating Social Content

By: Sabrina M.

Clients often ask us about the “secret sauce” behind creating successful social content. What’s the magic trick? What makes content work? How do we get our content seen? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is not always “re-invent the wheel”. Yes, crafting spectacular creative is the key. But if you’re not thinking of the fundamentals of communication, your spectacular creative will remain unseen.

On social media, brands represent an entity and a defined audience. The brands that do it well present themselves as one cohesive personality with a clear voice. Think Oreos, Skittles, L’Oreal, Taco Bell, TOMs, Coke, or AirBNB. These brands build relationships by sharing what matters to their audiences which, in turn, builds brand engagement.

[Note the order of that sentence. It’s “share what matters to users --> get engagement” not “post something that traditionally gets good engagement --> it will matter to users”]

So how do we ensure that we’re posting what matters? In-house, we run every piece of content through what we call the Four-Factor Filter:

1. Is it entertaining?
2. Is it useful?
3. Is it inspirational?

If every piece of content you publish fits two out of the three above qualifiers (keeping your target audience in mind, of course), it’s a quality piece of content.

And the fourth factor? It’s more like our golden rule. It goes a little something like this…

4. DO ask the question “What is the real value of this piece of content to the user?” DON’T ask the question “How many likes will this piece of content get?”

It’s easy to get caught up in the competitive nature of social media and the allure of vanity metrics. When brands focus on accumulating ‘likes’ per piece of content, they’re losing out on the big picture “real value add” for themselves and their users. The likes become mere numbers in the void. But when brands think of how content can ultimately be of the most value to their audience, their overall engagement can directly relate to quantitative results.

So the next time you’re setting up to create that awesome video content or the adorable GIF, go ahead and give our Four-Factor Filter a spin.

12.14.16   The Biz

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