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Hey Mom, did you see us in Chicago Magazine?

By: Tom

A call came in the other week from Chicago Magazine. Pretty cool. They must want a restaurant review of our neighbor, Mr. Beef.


On the phone was Lauren Williamson, senior editor at Chicago Magazine, asking for help with their story on how to fix Chicago’s tarnished image. Specifically, what kind of a tourism poster could Tom, Dick & Harry create that would help engage visitors?

The deadline was crazy; we had a couple of days. Coming up with a tourism campaign should take weeks, months even. But this is Chicago, the city we love, and when its quintessential monthly plucks our agency for the assignment over every shop in town, you quit whining and get thinking.

Budget? There was no budget. We had to find a way to tell our story using genuine Chicago moxie and, you guessed it, it had to work on social media. Where do you start? The Bean? Mag mile? Navy Pier? Too expected. Too touristy. What is it about this place that makes it so special? 

Our brand planning practice centers on uncovering the SMIT, as in what is the ‘single most important thing’ we can say? When it comes to Chicago, it’s never one thing, it's a million. So much eye candy all around, any visitor's head is on a continuous swivel. You don’t sit in the hotel room. Paducah this isn't.

That’s when the team hit the streets armed with iPhones and started putting the puzzle together. Chicago is the only city with a built-in verb that beckons you to visit at every turn. And after dialing up our best inner Royko voice, we came up with this poster to celebrate our iconic city, proudly appearing on page 20 of Chicago Magazine’s April issue.

$50 to the first reader who can identify all the Go's.* That’ll get you more than a nice meal at Mr. Beef for chrissakes.

*To be paid in highly spendable U.S. dollars by Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co. at the sole discretion of said entity. Be warned, however, it’s nearly impossible.

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