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It’s Not Magic. It’s Design.

By: Tom

It happens all the time. I look down at a batch of headlines I’ve written and, in the starkness of a Word doc, they just sit there…kind of limp and lifeless. A big batch of ‘meh’. I sheepishly send a few of the slightly less ‘meh’ ones to the art director I’m working with. You know, as placeholders for their layout until I come up with something better. But then something magical happens.  Once they’re in a layout those limp, lifeless lines suddenly seem sorta, kinda, maybe not so bad.  Good even. Only it’s not magic, it’s design.

Design can’t always save a bad idea. But great design can make a good idea better. Conversely, a good idea can be torpedoed by bad design. There’s a reason all the work in the award books looks great. Yes, it’s all grounded in good ideas. But award judges aren’t going to overlook shoddy execution just because the underlying idea is sound.

When design is the idea.

[Source: Designspiration]

When a great idea meets great design.

[Source: Designspiration]

It’s why, as a writer especially, I appreciate working somewhere that cares so much about design. We’re proud of our topnotch designers. And art directors with serious design chops. And writers, who, well, know good design when we see it. Hell, some of us can even use the word kerning in a sentence.

(I bet these guys can’t...a kerning catastophe we see outside our window every day)

So whatever I’m working on, I have total faith that the end product will look fantastic. And that matters. We may be in the ideas business, but we’re also in the making-stuff-that-looks-cool business. And just as you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit, you can’t convince anyone to eat chicken salad if it looks like chicken shit. 

Definitely not chicken shit (in my humble opinion)

[Source: Tom, Dick, & Harry]

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