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Job Opening: Strategy Supervisor

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Role Title: Strategy Supervisor

Department: Brand Strategy

Location: River North, Chicago

Reports To: Chief Strategy Officer

Apply Now: jobs@tdhcreative.com


About Tom, Dick & Harry Creative

It started with a crisis. A Craft crisis.

Founding partners, Bob Volkman and David Yang, saw large agencies underserving large clients with junior talent who were largely learning on the job. And they saw small agencies underserving small clients with past-their-prime talent who had largely stopped caring about the job.

Refusing to be trapped, Bob and David watched the classic movie, The Great Escape, and decided to tunnel out. The three tunnels in the movie, code-named “Tom, “Dick” and “Harry” became Chicago’s newest agency moniker with a singular mission - to keep Craft Communications alive.

What is Craft? Craft is the great maximizer. Budgets, no matter the size, last longer and work harder when their brand is well-crafted and finds the best version of itself.  At Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co., our mission and our sole focus is to help clients craft their brands’ messaging so perfectly that they have the power to defy logic, overcome obstacles and win hearts.

14 years later, Tom Dick & Harry Creative Co.’s craft crusade is stronger than ever. We still believe that good ideas are not born, they are crafted. They are shaped and reshaped until they function properly. They require clients who know enough to care about the difference between good and bad, and they require creative craftspeople who care enough to know those who consume brands deserve the best.

Some of the clients for whom we “craft” include: Ferrara Candy Company (Black Forest Organic gummy bears), Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA, Mondelez, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Scientific Games, Steelcase, TCF Bank, True Value Hardware, Vi, Whiskey Acres.


Role Description

Strategy has a seat at every table. Existing clients want more of it and new clients choose TDH in large part because of it.

Which is why we’re hiring.

We are looking for a senior strategist. A person who is interested in building something special within a very special agency. A department. A discipline. A vision for where brand planning is going and as a result, a vision for just how far Chicago’s “Craft Agency” can push the boundaries.

We want someone brilliant. Hungry. Business-minded. Terminally curious. A lover of people, brands, story-telling and craft. A person who loves advertising and wants to make it better. A person who understands “digital” but knows better than to want “digital” in their job description.

The TDH Strategy Supervisor must be collaborative. Senior enough to lead and savvy enough to follow. A person who infuses every campaign element with strategic smarts. A person who can integrate complex, multi-agency partnerships for the collective good.

This position is designed to grow the Strategy function and support the agency’s growth by uncovering information, distilling insights and synthesizing them to create inspiration for our creative teams and business partners.

The Strategy Supervisor will be responsible for managing multiple internal, new business and client projects and is expected to effectively collaborate with TDH’s Creative, Account, and Digital/Social Innovation teams.


Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Be the Face of Strategy on TDH’s Largest Client

- Lead high-level, long-term brand strategy and evolution, medium-term communications and campaign planning and shorter-term engagement strategies to accomplish communication objectives.

- Develop opportunities for proactive communication strategy to optimize client thinking and align on business/campaign goals.

- Participate and consult in all consumer research and brand/social/sales analytics conversations, ensuring our work is always aligned with the metrics of our clients.

  • Communications Planning, Insights and Brand Strategy Leadership

- From gummy bears to churches to medical cannabis to video games, you’ll never get bored working on the wide range of strategic assignments at TDH.

  • Grow Strategic Offering

- Run research and strategy projects for clients including (but not limited to): competitive analysis, Brand DNA creation, positioning pyramids, brand tone of voice/verbal identity and Brand Tenets creation.

  • Creative Brief Development

- Transform client briefs into strong creative briefs and integrated communication plans.

  • Research and Insights

- Primary Research: concept, write discussion guides and facilitate focus groups, man-on-the-street interviews, surveys, customer segmentation studies, etc. as necessary; manage 3rd party vendors for the above.

- Secondary Research: Be resourceful. Find unique, unexpected insights and stories about our clients, our consumers and the way the world is changing around them.

  • Help Make Amazing Creative

- Stay involved in and help guide creative ideation and concepting throughout the process, ensuring that we produce breakthrough work that drives our clients businesses forward.

  • Contribute to Agency Growth

- Work on agency new business; everything from primers to pitch presentations.

- Develop industry analyses and thinking across innovative platforms, agency models and client needs.



  • So what does it take to be a Tom, Dick or Harry? Curiosity. Empathy. Deep creativity combined with a strategic mind. Entrepreneurial spirit. Fastidious attention to detail. Kindness – we are unique tribe; we take care of each other like family and we fight for ideas like warriors.
  • You need to care, and care enough to always bring the best version of yourself and what you can do to every project.
  • You must be confident, articulate and have excellent instincts with regard to human behavior, business strategy and general marketing theory. And you should be able to do this quickly, with minimal supervision.
  • You should have a passion for creativity, culture, understanding how people think and interact with brands.
  • You should have, but not be constricted by, a toolbox of resources to help build brands, plan campaigns and find insights.
  • You must have excellent instincts both broadly across industries and deeply within any given capability or function - experience with healthcare, senior living and/or hospitality industries is a PLUS.
  • You should have 3-6 years of relevant advertising/marketing experience.

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