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May 13: The most important day of the TDH year

By: Dick

Once again, Tom, Dick & Harry will be renamed Michael Creative Company for a day on Tuesday, May 13 as part of our annual tribute to our late founder Michael Herlehy.

Michael passed away on May 13, 2013 after a 5-year battle with Hodgkin’s disease.

He was too modest to want his name on the door, but he loses this one. It’s a one-day makeover, complete with logo, signage, email signatures and web site modifications. Even our phone answering protocol changes for the day. Here’s a peek at one of our operator training scripts:

SFX:  ring, ring, ring.

TDHer: (cheerfully) Michael Creative Company.

Caller: (confused) I’m sorry, I was trying to reach Tom, Dick & Harry…

TDHer: (assuredly) We used to be Tom, Dick & Harry. Today, we have a new name, Michael Creative Company.

Caller: Ooh, I like that better. It’s snappier. And now there are no Dicks over there.

TDHer: Ha! That’s what you think. Bye, bye.

SFX: Click

We celebrate Michael’s example every day we exist, but especially every May 13 when we morph to the man that graced us with the most amazing booming laugh and way better jokes than the aforementioned.  

Friends are invited to join us at the agency at 4PM for a toast and some of his favorite foods, including PB&J sandwiches, mac and cheese and chicken fingers.

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