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Plucked chicken steals the show in Tom, Dick & Harry’s Artizone spot

By: Lewis Lazare, Chicago Business Journal

Yep. That IS a plucked chicken running around the streets of Chicago and, among other things, confronting an understandably curious dog. The plump bird is the very eye-catching centerpiece of the first ad campaign from Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Company/Chicago for the online artisanal foods company Artizone.

Developed by Israeli executives Alex Zeltcer and Lior Lavy, Artizone was designed to connect grocery shoppers online with a select collection of artisanal food companies. Zeltcer and Lavy are convinced their Web-based company can work because shoppers are increasingly interested in the provenance of the foods they buy. Noted Artizone CEO Zeltcer: "A growing number of people car where their food come from, what it contains and prefer buying from small local businesses."

The Artizone concept debuted first in Dallas and then in Chicago in February of 2012. The Chicago food companies that are currently working with Artizone include Gepperth's Meat Market, Ipsento Coffee, Black Dog Gelato, Bang Bang Pie Shop, Hagen's Fish Market and Hendrickx Belgian Breadcrafter. Altogether some 70 local artisanal food outlets have signed on with Artizone so far.

Artizone moved prudently to establish operations before launching its first ad campaign from TD&H. The campaign's attention-grabbing chicken has its own Twitter handle, @_RunningChicken, which was used to tease the debut of the TV ad campaign that begins today.

Lest anyone doubt co-founder and chief marketing officer Lavy's commitment to Artizone, consider that he has just relocated from Israel to Chicago to grow the business. Lavy went to his first Chicago Cubs game on Sunday. The Cubs lost, of course, to the Milwaukee Brewers.


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