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Stars to Steer By for Redefining Senior Living

By: Tom

Duke Ellington once famously said, “I’m the easiest person in the world to please. Just give me the best.”

When it comes to the highest-end retirement communities, the best is Vi. Period. If Vi had been around in Duke’s day he’d have been swingin’ up a storm as a resident of Vi at Aventura. Or Vi at Bentley Village.

Vi is where retired Secretaries of State go. It’s the retirement preference for those with storied careers. It’s the senior salon for artists who’ve filled the museums of the world. It’s kind of like Galt’s Gulch in Atlas Shrugged.

There are 10 communities across the country from California to Florida, and four states in between.  If it’s 72 and sunny 40+ weeks a year, you’ll find a Vi community nearby.

America is diverse, and so the 10 Vi communities are diverse. Greg Sieman, Vice President of Marketing at Vi, always says, “If you’ve seen one Vi community, you’ve only seen one Vi community.”  Each one is a unique snowflake, and yet they are all snowflakes. In fact, they are the best snowflakes in the world.

Back in 2015 we asked ourselves, “What makes 10 completely different things the same, at a high level, and specifically?” We were looking for strategic tenets that would allow us to tell the story of how Vi is redefining senior living in a bigger, more consistent way, but in a way that wouldn’t turn a bunch of unique snowflakes into a messy snow cone. Want another metaphor? We needed stars to steer by.

TDH’s strategy team led this effort, but we were smart enough to also get the smartest folks from Vi’s four agencies together – TDH, VML, TPN, and SMG (we should have served alphabet soup for lunch…). TDH facilitated the full day workshop, and we collectively attacked the overarching question from the three most important angles: 1) What is most TRUE? 2) What is most RELEVANT? 3) What is most DIFFERENTIATING?

Just like with spotting stars, you have to sit still, focus your mind, and wait for what has been there all along to come into focus. This is exactly what happened. Thanks to our highly-facilitated, carefully-crafted workshop design, our strategic tenets for Vi emerged into a constellation of four distinct stars to steer by.

For the 10 current communities and all potential future communities, Vi offers:

The Highest Standard

Extraordinary Social Connectedness

A Vibrant Personality

Refreshing Intelligence

These four strategic tenets are now at the top of every creative brief. They are used as decision-making criteria during every creative review. They push every agency on Vi’s roster to reach higher and create more for the brand. They guide us collectively and individually to Redefine Senior Living in everything we do, not just in marketing.

Does your brand have strategic stars to steer by? Does everyone who touches your brand recite them by heart, once before breakfast and once before bed? If not, let’s talk. Brand navigation is hard, but with the right constellation, you’ll never lose sight of your brand’s true North.

07.28.16   The Biz, The Goods

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