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TDH Alumni

By: Harry

It’s graduation season. Time for the mortarboards or, in our case, storyboards.

We at TDH would like to think our Alumni Association rivals that of any advertising institution in the city.  We take pride in our eye for talent.  It’s hard to get a job here.  And, while we’d like to think that we’re recruiting lifers, the reality is that our business is fluid. For every colleague who moves on, there’s always a new star waiting in the wings with extraordinary talent.  That’s what makes this business so exciting.

Here are just some of the TDH grads we’re proud to have called friends and collaborators over the years.  Consider us their chief cheerleaders, ill-fitting spandex and all. Ouch, sorry for the image.

➢    Mike McQuade A designer so talented he inevitably designed his very own brand, which you can enjoy in the New York Times, Newsweek and Wired almost weekly.  http://mikemcquade.com

➢    Kim Knoll She not only opened her own design agency, she taught us the proper way to do estimates.  http://www.knoed.com

➢    Martin Rodahl Freaky talented film intern from Northwestern University who was so impressive, we promoted him to the president of the agency on his final day. His production company, 71° North, is one to watch. http://www.71degreesnorth.com

➢    Cari Dinneen Marketing director at the world’s greatest rehabilitation hospital, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Hope we didn’t inflict too much pain on her, which very well could be the case. She was our first employee.  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/cari-dinneen/5/80b/8a1

➢   Taylor LeCroy Art director with an amazing eye and also a budding voiceover talent. Just ask President Obama. Taylor worked on his re-election campaign. But Taylor has better pipes.  http://cargocollective.com/taylorlecroy/Resume

➢    Laura Wright (formerly Laura Hanley) Designer with Minnesota roots who left us when the frozen tundra called her home.  The brisk clean air has been good to her, wouldn’t you say? http://www.laurabellewright.com

➢    Candy Freund Anderson Unbelievably versatile art director and designer. A true hybrid. The perfect training for her current gig: raising two daughters. https://www.behance.net/candyfreund

➢   Elaine Fong  The first designer we ever hired. We were so happy to hire her away from American Greetings we sent them a thank you card. http://elainefong.com

➢   Brian Rau  Designer currently at VSA Partners. He interviewed with us while wearing a Chicago Bears cap.  He had us at hello. http://www.brianrau.com


Let’s sing the TDH alma mater song in their honor: “Varsity, varsity, U rah rah Tom, Dick & Harry. Praise to thee, our alma mater, U rah rah… Tom, Dick & Har-rar-eee.”

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