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The future is…fun?

By: Kevin R.

Oxymoron in Corporate America: "Forced Fun."

In corporate environments sometimes fun needs a little help. It’s not because coworkers and colleagues don’t like each other or can't be fun with each other on their own. It’s because people don’t make time for it.

Why? Because people make and save it for after work. Friends. Family. Modern Family. Reruns of Friends. 

But having fun at work is important. You spend so much of your life at work. And in a creative business, having fun is especially important - stress is the enemy of inspiration, and inspiration is the fuel of ideas (which is what we sell). 

So last week a few of us at TDH forced ourselves into some forced fun. We went to a bar, chugged a beer, and then did a group session with a… psychic.

Yep. A certified psychic (she preferred the title “Intuitive,” btw). None of us had high hopes, and none of us were true believers. Two of us had tried the dime store version before, and two of us had purposefully avoided this category of fun altogether. But after 16 fast ounces, we took an Oktoberfest-flavored deep breath and headed in.

As is the cliche, what happens in the higher realms of collective consciousness stays in the higher realms of collective consciousness. But for our devoted readers, we'll share a few secrets… 

It helps when psychics have something to focus on. In her charmingly thick Argentinian accent, she kept saying at the beginning, “Throw me a booone, please.” So we told her we were a team with new members and we wanted to make sure we had as much fun working together as possible. Boom. She had a vision.

She said we need to make space in our days for inspiration. Moving from meeting to meeting, thinking about the last and next meeting in the current meeting, was a big "nope nope.” We weren’t living in the present. She said there’s no space in that kind of system for thinking, creativity, and yes, fun. She also said that we need to say, “I don’t know” more often. If we always know what to do (even when we don’t…) there’s no space for new ideas. “I don’t know” is an engine for inspiration and fun.

Was she psychic? Was her intuition supernatural? I don’t know But I do know that the forced fun turned out to be actual fun. So fun that we went back to the bar afterwards to talk more and laugh more. And the next day we kept talking and kept laughing. We made space for it.

So if you want some ideas from a team that feels fun and inspired these days, give us a call. You might hear the phrase “I don’t know” once or twice, but have no fear: a psychic told us we’ll have fun and it’s all gonna work out “so creative, so creative."

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