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The pasta was delicious.  The menu needed some spice.

By: Tom, Dick & Harry

Experiencing the full range of a client’s offering can sometimes lead to new ideas that strengthen the client’s brand promise. 

This was recently the case with our client, Vi.  While lunching in one of the beautiful dining rooms at a Vi community, a TDH creative director felt a bit underwhelmed by a very small detail.  The food was delicious, the service was impeccable, but the design of the menu and accompanying pieces in the dining room was just ok, and didn't "wow" like the rest did.  Vi’s brand promise is to “redefine senior living,” and the team felt the menu and other pieces in the restaurant didn’t live up to one of Vi’s important brand tenets – the highest standard.

Armed with that insight, TDH took on the assignment of designing new materials for three reconstructed restaurants in the Vi at Bentley Village location in Naples, FL.  The team created a full brand identity for each restaurant that included graphic logo, color palette, menu cover, menu, coaster and check presenter.  The restaurants are launching over the next few weeks, and now deliver the brand promise from host stand to check delivery.





There’s nothing like a great meal to provide great inspiration. 

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