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Tom, Dick & Harry’s special tribute to the late Michael Herlehy

By: Lewis Lazare, Chicago Business Journal

The leaders of Chicago ad agency Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Company said they intend to inaugurate a special annual tribute to their late partner Michael Herlehy, who passed away on May 13, after a long and difficult battle with Hodgkin's disease.

On June 6 of this year, and on May 13 of every year thereafter, Tom, Dick & Harry will — for one day — be renamed the Michael Creative Co. On that appointed day, the agency logo, wall signage, phone answering protocol, business cards and letterhead all will be changed to reflect the new agency name.

According to TD&H co-managing partner Don Brashears, it's the kind of tribute that would have made Herlehy laugh a lot. When the agency was founded in 2002, it was given the name Tom, Dick & Harry because none of the founding partners wanted their names attached to the agency. Apparently, Herlehy was among the most insistent that they all maintain their anonymity.

So now, as a way for the agency to show its lasting respect and appreciation for Herlehy in a very unanonymous way, the shop is introducing this agency name change.
But only for one day each year. As Brashears said of Herlehy: "The man never had a big head, just an abnormally oversized heart."

05.21.13   The Biz, The Vault

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