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Three Not-So-Sucky Political Ads

By: Harry

Thank god the election is ending. Now we won’t be assaulted by all the horrible political advertising. Why does it have to suck so bad? Hard to fathom that attack ads – tainted with agendas, spin, and vitriol – convince anyone.

The classic exception is the Paul Wellstone campaign from North Woods Advertising in 1990, probably the finest political advertising campaign ever created and largely credited with getting the man elected. 

Then there's the powerful, metaphorical classic from 1984 featuring ad legend Hal Riney as the voiceover.

This year’s winner is the Gerald Daugherty re-election campaign for Travis County Commissioner in south central Texas. Created by KC Strategies in Austin, it’s hilarious and a reminder that in the right hands a well-crafted message can generate enough seductive power to make even politicians seem likable.   

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