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Tom Dick and Harry Advertising Chicago is high on medical cannabis in new Cresco Labs ads


Whether you are pro or con on the subject of marijuana in general, medical cannabis is here and happening in Illinois.

After licenses to grow marijuana started being issued earlier this year, the medical cannabis business is now at the point where at least one major producer in Illinois, Cresco Labs, has tapped Tom Dick and HarryAdvertising Chicago to develop an elaborate branding and ad campaign designed to raise awareness of medical cannabis. 

The heavily informational ad campaign also is intended to establish Cresco Labs, headed by founder Charlie Bachtell, as a major player in the medical cannabis arena in Illinois.

The way the medical cannabis business is structured in Illinois involves two entities — the growers and the dispensaries. Growers, such as Cresco, sell to the dispensaries, which then sell to consumers.

There are more than 35 approved medical conditions that could qualify a consumer for a medical cannabis recommendation — ranging from Alzheimer's, cancer and Crohn's Disease to fibromyalgia, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS.

Many of the ads and posters created by Tom Dick & Harry use appropriate imagery and simple ad copy to inform consumers why medical cannabis now is being harvested in Illinois.

One Cresco Labs-branded poster, for instance, shows a swimming pool in the shape of the state of Illinois with the straightforward ad copy "Welcome to a state of relief. Medical cannabis. Now growing in Illinois."


Simple is always best.

Another ad has no imagery, just the message that "you don't have to be pro-cannabis. Just anti-nausea, anti-pain and anti-suffering."

One of the first marketing efforts from Cresco will be targeted at tens of thousands of Bank of America Chicago Marathon runners next month.

Two advertising pieces, including the swimming pool ad and another informational flyer with the headline "Medical cannabis is here. And it's not what you think." will be inserted into packages the Marathon gives every race participant.

Additional advertising and new branded Cresco Labs packaging are expected to debut in January of 2016.

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