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We considered renaming our agency, Tom, Dick & Harriet. But that doesn’t do it justice.

By: Sally

When Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co. decided to celebrate Women’s History Month, we couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room. Our agency is named for three males. Yikes!  

Undaunted, our social media team sat down with the women of TDH and asked them to identify a female mentor or role model who impacted their career. Or to offer a piece of advice for the next generation of women entering the field. Or recall a time when they solved an assignment, even for a male brand. 

Throughout the month of March, we will be posting quotes and portions of the interviews with our women and celebrating their stories. 

To top it off,  we're changing the agency name to Mary, Jane & Sally to kick-start the celebration, along with a color shift from our traditional orange logo to purple, which is the international color for symbolizing women. We hope this shows support for the strong women of MJS and everywhere in business and society. 

Agency founder, David Yang, had this to say about the rebrand: “Back in 2002, our name was coined to capture the spirit of escapism, borrowed from code-named tunnels in the World War II POW movie, The Great Escape. And to suggest how we create work that appeals to the masses, ala the expression, “every Tom, Dick & Harry.” But Tom, Dick & Harry doesn't naturally reflect all the female talent that has helped us build this agency. So, welcome to Mary, Jane & Sally Creative Co. Stick with us. We eventually get things right.”


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