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Tom Dick & Harry Advertising Chicago on board to help launch Illinois’ first estate distillery

By: Lewis Lazare, Chicago Business Journal

Billed as Illinois' first estate distillery, Whiskey Acres Distilling in DeKalb County is up and running, which has led the Distillery to select Tom Dick & Harry Advertising Chicago to handle marketing for the Distillery and its portfolio of whiskies and spirits.

The Distillery's founders, Jim Walter, Jamie Walter and Nick Nagele, together farm more than 2,000 acres 60 miles west of Chicago, and they are believed to be the only distillery in Illinois using only their own grain to make premium whiskies and spirits.

But the three founder of Whiskey Acres, novices when it came to running a distillery, were smart enough to realize they couldn't do it all by themselves.

So they have hired Dave Pickerell, former master distiller of one of the world's great bourbons Makers Mark, to help produce their whiskey products. And they brought aboard Tom Dick & Harry to bring the new Whiskey Acres brand vision to life. Noted Jamie Walter: "We're confident we now have all the ingredients for a great team and a great success."

Initial plans call for introducing four new spirits between now and 2017. Whiskey Acres Unaged Corn Whiskey and Apple-Flavored Corn Whiskey are already rolling out in select liquor stores and restaurants around Chicago and the state of Illinois, including Whole Foods and Binny's.

The new distillery also hopes to release a vodka that will only be sold at point of production and a limited-release flagship bourbon in the summer of 2016. All will be premium-priced at between $30 and $45 for a 750-milliliter bottle.

The Whiskey Acres launch marketing campaign is still being developed. But social media is expected to play a significant role in the marketing game plan for the new portfolio of whiskies and spirits.

09.24.15   The Biz, The Vault

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