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Welcome to TDH, Warsaw branch

By: Tomasz

There have definitely been times when a client’s reaction to the work we’re presenting has made us wonder if we’re speaking Polish. For once, we actually are. Sort of. See, one of our clients, Peoples Gas, asked us to have a radio spot from a recent campaign translated into Polish. We regularly translate our work into Spanish, but Polish, well that’s a whole other kielbasa.

Considering Chicago has the largest ethnically Polish population outside of Warsaw, we suppose this request shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. But that didn’t stop our producer from dropping a few four letter words (not sure how many letters those words have in Polish) when she realized she’d have to not only find someone who could translate English scripts into Polish, but also cast Polish speaking voiceover talent. After little digging and an assist from a local casting agency, she was able to do just that.  

Check out the results. We think it’s some of our best work. Of course, for all we know, the spot’s now about the mating habits of tree sloths.

05.27.14   The Biz, The Vault

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