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How do you position a store that sells dog treats next to handmade necklaces next to chocolate-scented candles? You start by understanding that chaos equals artistry. And to any fashionista, a boutique shop is artistic heaven. Every table and every turn is a new chance to find something that helps her express her unique style. TDH created the logo, in-store signage and magazine ads that capture the joy of hunting in such a store, even if it involves finding something called an “UglyDoll.”

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These well-crafted ads are a great example of how design sensibility can heighten the aesthetic of any brand-- even a small local shop. The photos are simple digital shots. But by layering them against a textured background and employing some Photoshop wizardry, they no longer look plain. They look fashionable. That's why we say it's not the size of the budget, it's the size of the designer's heart that matters most. And our designers have some mighty big tickers. Plus now, they're well-accessorized.