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ATA AIrlines

Branding, Print, Events, PR

This low-fare carrier was struggling with low awareness of its Ontario, California station-- with the most daily nonstops from the LA area to Hawaii. ATA hired TDH to fix the problem and increase load factors during the traditionally slow fall travel period. We created a series of scrappy guerilla promotions and hit the streets stirring up plenty of buzz and media coverage. The “Paradise Patrol” promotion actually incited a mob scene at one location. Probably understandable when you consider we weren’t just handing out free leis. More like free tickets to Hawaii. Load factors jumped and many in the mob chilled out on the beaches in Honolulu.

01 | Honolulu Campaign


We ran this ad in the Orange County newspaper, asking people to cut out the lei and wear it around their neck for a free ticket to Hawaii. If you build them a lei, they will come. Major props to the one lady who fashioned the newsprint into a visor. The sun is mighty hot on Waikiki Beach.

03 | Logo

Ata logo1

We noticed a great opportunity to refine ATA's logo. Let’s modify the “A” letters so they resemble the tail on an airplane.  A subtle but crafty evolution. We thought the idea would take flight, too, until the airline ceased operations. (They should’ve re-branded earlier.)