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Baker Furniture

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First, how cool is it when a client tells you they have pieces that actually sit in the White House?  Second, Baker is the last über high-end furniture brand still made in the United States. Suddenly, our national pride was swelling and we humbly accepted the challenge of promoting Baker sales without devaluing the brand. With cult status among some elite furniture buyers, and others who perceived the brand to be a bit too traditional, we needed to strike a delicate balance. The solution is an elegant visual strategy building interest around seasonal events that seem more like “insider” rewards than sales.  We designed Baker using museum-like imagery and interesting event names rather than typical shots of rooms full of furniture.  But when we suggested possibly working out a trade agreement, the client responded that if any Baker furniture was spotted in our offices, they'd indeed be paying us too much. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

01 | Poster

Baker poster1

Baker has this dog-whistle effect on the style conscious. Just mention the name Baker and they inevitably respond "Oooooh!"  So when Baker occasionally has a sale it gives their legion of admirers license to buy. (Didn't think a line about addiction could be so strategic, did you?)


03 | Web Banner

Baker furniture is meant to last a lifetime. Or two. Or three. "The art of things chosen well rather than often" is a statement that covers their brand as well as the upholstery.

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