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Bally Total Fitness

Digital, Broadcast, Print, OOH, Ambient

For many people, working out is neither enjoyable nor rewarding. There’s a ton of built-in resistance to getting off the couch to join a club. In short order their enthusiasm wanes, they stop going, and eventually drop their membership and reach for the Pringles canister. Success in the health club category is driven by the ability to continuously fill the membership bucket with the leaky bottom. Bally is an everyman’s gym for a broad target. And because the clubs have been around for over three decades, they are perceived to look and feel dated. Our challenge is to create a promotion-specific spot every month (along with Hispanic adaptations) that keeps the offers fresh and cast a contemporary vibe to the brand. We couple dynamic graphics and music to help make exercising feel less like work and more like fun. The result: Walk-in leads have generally exceeded historic levels.

01 | TV Spot: Hand Drawn

Bally is fairly consistent with its monthly offers. Like any retail promotion, the leads tend to go down after being in market for awhile. So it's up to us to keep the advertising fresh. Every month we change up the design, editing, animation and music so each message feels new and keeps the leads flowing.

02 | TV Spot: Snowflake

For the holiday season we created the world's strongest snowflake. None of those wimpy, melty, delicate things, heck this is Bally.

03 | TV Spot: Soundboard

Here's a good example of how the right combination of music and animation can motivate you to get off the couch and into Bally. The music is by Lady Sovereign, a Brit rapper and grime artist. Makes you want to kick some ass.


We had a delightful visit to the agency when we were creating this spot. The track is "L.O.V.E." by hot new Brit artist V V Brown. Hot being the operative word. V V and her agent stopped by when we were inking the deal. She's a drop-dead gorgeous lady who had all the gentlemen from the agency sucking in their guts. And then she picked up an old guitar we keep in the conference room, tuned it, and sang a lovely ballad. We probably overpaid for the music license. But we'll never forget the day when V V dropped by. My oh my, L.O.V.E. is appropriately named.

05 | TV Spot: By The Numbers

Health club memberships are one of the first things to get cut during recessions because a pair of running shoes and the sidewalk are cheaper. This spot worked really well for Bally by demonstrating a good value even in tough times.

06 | Guerilla Execution: Parking Gate Arm

We came up with this ambient idea for the parking lot across the street from a Bally Club. Members are reminded of the benefits of working out every time they pull in and out. 

07 | Bus Sign

Bally busking1

We help Bally with club openings like this one in Jersey that was based on a mobile platform.

08 | Metro Ad

Bally metroad1

One of the most popular stops on the Metro line in Washington D.C. is "Foggy Bottom."  There's a Bally club nearby that'll give you an even better bottom.

09 | Zoom posters

Bally print1

These are posters for restrooms at bars and nightclubs around certain Bally Clubs. A great time to make a Bally brand impression is when young adults are trying to make an opposite sex impression.

10 | Flyer

Bally coinflyer1

If you think airlines are competitive with fares, you should see gyms. Good thing we've been able to create an image for Bally that makes it the strongest value going.