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Baxter Credit Union

Digital, Branding, Design, Broadcast, Print

In an era where consumers want instant access to EVERYTHING, especially their money, credit unions are not usually viewed as innovators. But BCU, one of the largest credit unions in Illinois, offers digital services like text banking, online banking and remote data capture that are often better than banks. Who knew? So we named this suite of products BCU 360 Banking and created fun, non-threatening demonstrations of everyday money “emergencies” where our technology saves the day. The animated videos are emailed to members, posted on BCU’s site, Facebook and a BCU YouTube channel.

02 | Brand Posters

Bcu postersnew

Financial institutions can be cold, impersonal and heavily starched. But BCU will restore your faith in financial humanity. They do things like send pizza to a member’s house just because a call about a loan took longer than expected to answer and it was dinnertime. Bottom line: These guys really do have your back. A heroic position featuring their front-line heroes delivers this very anti-bank personality in the most organic way.

03 - New Member Welcome Kit

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