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Big Ten Network

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When Fox Sports hired us to launch its Big Ten Network, we made the strategic decision to build the brand through the schools. Rather than promoting the conference as a whole, we drilled down to uncover the unique traditions and quirky rituals of each school that fan the flames of allegiance. What came out of that wasn’t one umbrella TV spot, but 11 distinct executions tailored for each region. This positioned the network as the ultimate insider with instant cred. Collectively, these stories define a culture for this sports-crazed corner of the world which we named “Big Ten Country.” The campaign helped make BTN the first cable television network to achieve 30 million subscribers in its first 30 days of operation. That's the BTN version of 30 for 30.

01 | Football Television

The Wolverines have this really cool tradition where the players jump up and touch the banner before taking the field. Which got us thinking: what if everyone in Michigan acted with the same superstition before their "big games?" 

The acclaimed University Hospital in Madison is a short pass from Camp Randall Stadium. Which got us wondering how doctors contend with the noise on game days? Especially when the Badger faithful breaks into their patented "Jump Around."  The whole damn city shakes.

03 | Football Print

Osu affkittmpad hd Bigten football2

04 | Basketball Television

Leave it to the world's best engineering school to defy gravity.

Coach Izzo is a madman. We heard this story of his daily free-throw regimen and felt it was the best way to capture his tremendous drive. He was so great at the shoot and the only miss was supplied by a production assistant after Coach had left the building. He must've hit 80 straight. Between takes a TDH employee asked Izzo his secret. Was it eyeing the front of the rim? Keeping your middle finger centered on the ball valve? Follow through?  "No," Coach Izzo instructed. "Just shoot the fuckin' things." No wonder he's always in the Final Four.

06 | Basketball Print

Bigten basketball1 Bigten basketball2 Bigten basketball3

When winter hits Big Ten Country, little kids earnestly shovel their driveways. But not to get cars out of garages; they do it so they can shoot hoops on their driveway courts with mittens on their hands. Roundball simply rules this culture. This series of print ads captures the madness for each school in its own unique way.


07 | Basketball Ad/Schedule

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08 | Web Banner

09 - Affiliate Kit

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