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Canyon Ranch

Digital, Design, Print

Marketing a pricey luxury health and wellness resort chain in one of the worst economic markets ever is enough to tax the marketing department’s health and wellness. Especially when the average age of their guests is 54 years old with shrinking 401k accounts. This brand needed to get a lot younger, and fast. TDH beat out two digital specialists to become agency of record and launched the first Canyon Ranch social media program. We created and managed daily outreach on Facebook and Twitter. The result: the brand is feeling healthier with web hits doubling in the first month and monthly traffic growing at a 24% pace. Facebook jumped from the number 37-referral source to the website to number 7 in the first month and holds its place. The number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers continue to rise monthly after 14 months and outpaces all competitors.

01 | Print Ads

Canyonranch print1 Canyonranch print2

We launched the Miami Beach resort with this series of print ads. Of course, we made sure that our brand "immersion" meetings and all creative presentations happened on-site. 

02 | Social Media

Canyonranchfacebook Canyonranchtwitter2 Canyonranchtwitter1

We tweeted, blogged and posted 10 times a day for a year on behalf of Canyon Ranch. It dramatically increased traffic to their website. And dramatically tested the will of our writers to withstand torture. (We didn't let them go to the resort; they were too busy tweeting, blogging and posting.)

03 - Brand standards book

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