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Digital, Ambient

The Great Recession was not exactly a great climate for getting into the banking business. CertusBank, born in 2010 and headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, was the first new bank to receive a charter after Congress enacted the Dodd Frank regulatory laws. There are lots of eyes on this startup, which has become one of the fastest growing regional banks. CertusBank’s strategy includes taking over failed banks across the southeastern United States, requiring plenty of 1) trust building and 2) brand building. Tom, Dick & Harry crafted a voice and image that is pro Main Street and anti Wall Street. Customers need to be on their toes when they visit the flagship branch and experience one of the world’s tallest interactive touch screen walls. We developed 90+ minutes of content for the wall demonstrating that this new brand of banking is indeed high touch.

01 | Brand Film

02 | Digital Wall

03 | Digital

05 | Branch Posters

Certusbank brand

06 | Branch Opening Teaser

Certuswallteaser copy-2

07 - CertusBank Brand Book

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