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Chicago Bulls

Broadcast, Print, Ambient

The Bulls held a citywide competition to draft a new agency during the Pre-D Rose Superstar Era. We won a creative portion of the assignment with a radio campaign that celebrates the amazing athleticism of NBA studs by pitting the Bulls against the most surreal competition we could imagine. Never bank a campaign on how a team will perform. With injuries, trades and the dastardly Lakers always messing things up, it’s better to create an engaging brand personality that transcends the W-L column (until they lose too much, then nothing can help). For the radio we hired play-by-play man Neil Funk to create our fantasy season with his signature raspy call and mixed in real game sound effects recorded courtside at the United Center. What a boondoggle that was! Absurd? Far fetched? Logic defying? Yep, just like the NBA night in and night out. The old Barnum & Bailey circus placards inspired the collectible posters you see below. The two-headed lady has nothing on our man Joakim Noah when it comes to freakishness.

01 | Posters

Bulls posters1

These were created for Bulls brass to hang in skyboxes and around the United Center. Not sure whether the agents used these super-power skills against Bulls management when contract talks came up. Imagine GM Guy Forman trying to tell Tyrus Thomas's agent that they want him to show more explosion in the paint. To which the agent responds, "The man has springs for legs, for cryin' out loud!" Oh well, they make you want to watch.

02 | Radio

Where would Zeus stack up on the list of muscular centers? Probably ahead of Wilt Chamberlain but behind Dwight Howard. Still, he's no match for Luol Deng.


There's something awfully sneaky and punky about Napoleon Bonaparte's game. Did somebody say Isiah Thomas?

The word on Stalin: he's all left-handed. Make him go to his right and he'll turn it over. And probably try to slap the official.