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Crain’s Chicago Business

Broadcast, Print

Crain’s is corner office reading material. In fact, 44% of its readers are millionaires. But they’re older and early retirement looms. Crain’s needed to start attracting a broader audience, so we positioned the magazine as a tool for ladder climbers as well, giving the brand a hipper vibe.  The radio is a series of “seminars” using humor to appeal to younger executives. Circulation was up in the years the campaign ran and the number of registered subscribers to Crain’s website grew by 35,000, indicating a definite youth movement.

01 | Print


This is one of the first ads we created after opening Tom, Dick & Harry. We figured businesspeople could appreciate the opposite of the old saying, "You don't look at Playboy for the words."  Most everyone did, except the Crain's photographer.

02 | Radio

What's your favorite meeting treat? Bagels? Cookies? M & M's? C'mon, you can do better than that. Go for the mother load. Grab yourself a bear claw and live a little. Who knows, maybe you'll have a heart attack and get out of the boring meeting. 

If you check out any of the TDH employees on LinkedIn, please know that we did not follow the advice offered by the moderator from this "Sixty-second Seminar." All of our MBAs are really MBAs.

The voice actor in this spot is Margaret Travolta, sister of John Travolta. He might dance better, but she is way more convincing as a bogus seminar moderator.

For this spoof of those tiny, rural radio stations we needed a very raw and unpolished newscaster. All of the voiceover actors that auditioned for the part were too good. Then we remembered one of our old art director buddies who always got really nervous when he had to present to clients. So we put him in the booth behind a mic, flipped on the "record" light and sure enough... magic. We found our man.