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Cresco Labs

Digital, Branding, Design, Print, OOH, Events, PR

When Cresco Labs, one of Illinois largest cultivators of medical cannabis, won the license to open operations in Pennsylvania, we immediately hit Google maps to become more familiar with the exact shape of the Keystone State. (Did you know that Pennsylvania borders Lake Erie?) Our successful “State of Relief” campaign, which helped Cresco launch in Illinois, had to prove to be as flexible as we first envisioned for this provincial industry. Presenting the Pennsylvania waffle, a new symbol of hope for cancer patients dealing with diminished appetites from chemo treatments. Medical cannabis helps this. In PA, Cresco is also opening dispensaries, and Tom, Dick & Harry is helping to design their retail spaces. In a category of medicine as misunderstood as medical cannabis, the right environmental vibe can help sufferers find comfort and eliminate taboos. We’re looking forward to expanding the campaign iconography to other markets, though our design staff has admitted to being anxious about the prospect of Hawaii.