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ELCA is short for The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. When your name is that long an acronym makes sense. So does understanding that churches are a lot like airlines, they really need butts in seats. But with declining membership and dramatic growth from non-traditional "competitive" churches, what the Lutherans needed most was to energize their faithful. The problem? A preachy tone can rub people the wrong way. The strategic answer was making Lutherans feel proud to be Lutheran. We based this work around a little known fact: the Lutheran Church is one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world. (They were among the first on the scene to help after hurricane Katrina and are still there helping today.) The post-campaign research revealed that in the launch markets congregation members who proudly identify themselves as ELCA members increased by over 75%. Church attendance has increased and website visits to learn more about ELCA ministries have increased by 70%. It’s always good when you can base a church campaign around something as compelling as the truth.

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We've always admired the great iconic advertising campaigns like Absolut Vodka, Got Milk and the Marlboro Man. But what icon is as powerful as the cross? This campaign serves it up in lots of surprising ways. Why should vice brands have all the staying power?

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This was shot on location in Africa. It was a long way to go for a shoot, but you don't want to fake something this pure.

"There's this food shelter that serves meals to the homeless just like a white-tablecloth restaurant." That sentence was perhaps the most inspiring creative brief ever handed to us.