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Ferrara Candy Company

Digital, Events, PR

​We launched America’s first mass-market USDA certified organic gummies, Black Forest Organics, for this billion-dollar candy maker that always feels like visiting the Willy Wonka factory. Bins of candy line the hallways. Pinch us. We always remember to wear pants with deep pockets. Our campaign is a pure social media play featuring the world’s tiniest reality show. A family of organic gummy bears deals with the trappings of privileged life in the Black Forest. They’re better, and they know it. Of course, life is never that easy, and plenty of juicy drama ensues. There’s a sponsorship with Bravo and some saucy salvos between the Real Housewives and this parallel universe. Yikes! Retail momentum and distribution are hotter than the end of Ferris Bueller when the school girl on the bus offers Principal Rooney a warm gummy from her pocket. (Okay, maybe that’s gross, but these gummies are naturally soft and yummy.) More new organic candies are in the pipeline. A very natural and delicious pipeline, that is. Stay tuned.

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