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This is a lesson in pleasing many masters. Follett manages 800+ college bookstores around the country. From the prolific University of Notre Dame’s Hammes Bookstore, which sells more than $1MM in swag alone on football weekends, to quieter stores in the basements of unions at community colleges. And every school in between.  (Heck, Follett has more stores than Sears.) TDH was enrolled to carve out a position that could play across this diverse retail landscape. Not to mention one that deftly negotiates the delicate territory of school-color biases. For instance, a blue and orange-themed poster would work beautifully at the University of Florida bookstore but cause riots if it were hanging at the Florida State bookstore. Oh, the humanity! That’s why we designed campaigns with neutral color palates and kept the voice smart, simple, helpful and flexible.

01 | Brand

Follett brandposter1

These point-of-sale posters ran system-wide. The voice is fresh and honest, building a trustworthy bond with college kids looking for mentors. Okay, they're probably looking more for a cold six pack, but they have to appreciate the humor. The ornamental accents that frame the posters are inspired by historic wrought iron college entrance gates. 

02 | Guerilla

Follett guerilla1

We had these laundry bags made and given out to students, proving the bookstore not only cares about fitting you with the perfect college hoodies, they care about making sure those hoodies get home to mom for proper cleaning.

03 | Brand Signage

Follett brandsignage1

What college kid could resist this call to action?

Follett brandsignage2

Even simple store hours signs provide an opportunity for a clever brand message.

05 | name in the news Print

Follett nameinthenewsposter1

We developed this microsite to help Follett build its database of .edu addresses. The site lets students "punk" each other with funny Onion-style news stories that they can email to their friends. You load in the name of the person you want to punk and the site takes care of the rest. Think of it as a fake-news Facebook.

06 - NAME in the News Microsite

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Follett namemicrosite1
Follett namemicrosite2
Follett namemicrosite3
Follett namemicrosite4
Follett namemicrosite5
Follett namemicrosite6

07 - Rent-A-Text Website

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Follett rentatext1
Follett rentatext2
Follett rentatext3
Follett rentatext4