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Harper College

Broadcast, OOH

Besides all the other colleges, Harper College competes perhaps most of all with inertia. It’s much easier to sit on the couch or go to the same dead-end job than it is to do something about it. But each of us has a daily choice to make: We can be greater than we were the day before, or less than. This campaign targets adult students and provides a little push to go forward. The first year it generated a 48% increase in phone calls over the prior year, along with a 23% increase in web hits. You could say the results have been greater than expected.

01 | Television and Movie Theater Spot

Who hasn't fantasized about giving a "take this job and shove it" speech?

02 | Outdoor

Harper outdoor1 Harper outdoor2

These "greater than" equations ran along roadsides and and all across campus. One student even created his own t-shirt that insinuated he was greater than anyone who was standing next to him. 

03 | Radio SPOT: CLOUDS

Don't you just love the announcer's voice? She's a well respected character actress who's been in tons of TV shows and movies. Guess her name and you could win a Chicago-style deep dish.

04 | Radio SPOT: CURLY

Anytime you can weave the Three Stooges into a conversation, life is indeed better.