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The Korte Company

Digital, Branding, Design, Print

When a construction firm makes a sale, it’s for millions. Which means having a compelling brand image is as important as having a hard hat. As one of the premier commercial builders in the U.S., The Korte Company also understands the importance of image building. In fact, based on the results from this work, Korte realized its second biggest year ever and increased its marketing budget by 33%. We’re hoping to award Korte the contract to build the TDH Tower some day. 

01 | 50th Anniversary Print Ads

Korte50th print1

Not many construction firms last five years. So when Korte turned 50, it warranted more than a sheet cake and some balloons. Instead, Korte ran a media campaign to let the entire construction industry know who's at the top of the crane. This retrospective celebrates all the cool ways Korte has changed the landscape across middle America. The slideshow segment you see below details a 200-page coffee table book of Korte's history that we created for employees-- and to tuck inside bid proposals. A nice way to seal deals. Building decisions aren't made with PowerPoint presentations. You've got to think about them for a while. Years in some cases.

02 - 50th Anniversary Branding

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Korte50th branding
Korte50th branding1
Korte50th branding6
Korte50th branding2
Korte50th branding3
Korte50th branding4
Korte50th branding5

03 | Green Campaign Ads

Kortegreen print1

The green revolution is a big factor these days for builders. Especially when you consider that skyscrapers are one of the biggest drains on our energy needs. So when Korte charged us with creating a campaign to promote its green initiatives, we figured that if Korte can recycle building materials, why can't it recycle its ads? Problem was, Korte didn't advertise in the late 50s. (The company hadn't met Tom, Dick & Harry yet.) But we were able to re-create some fictional vintage ads that made our case. Our creative team pretended they were Dan Draper. They drank a lot of scotch and took a nice little trip back in time to concoct these gems. We had to remind them that excessive use of exclamation points (bangers) was highly appropriate back in the day!!!

04 - Green Campaign Microsite

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Kortegreen web4
Kortegreen web2
Kortegreen web6
Kortegreen web1
Kortegreen web3
Kortegreen web5

05 | Green Campaign Digital

The microsite above and viral video below helped Korte beef up their green presence. The video, which promotes their use of recycled concrete, was shot from a vacant lot down the street from our office. We trudged out there every day for 5 months to capture the time lapse sequence of the brick crumbling.