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Krames Staywell

Digital, Branding, Design

This corporate-combination moniker is actually the first word in wellness. A leader in the healthcare publishing industry, Krames Staywell creates all kinds of health and wellness information. Whether it’s newsletters, eblasts and web content for hospitals and health plans, or doctor office pamphlets that explain every condition from psoriasis to gangrene, chances are Krames Staywell produced it. Krames Staywell turned to Tom, Dick & Harry to help with its biz development efforts. Step one was a complete rebranding effort, including a graphic makeover and new sell-in materials to convey more digital savvy. We’ve also completely rebuilt the Krames Staywell website. Best of all, last we checked we don't have gangrene.

01 - Website

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02 - Brochure

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