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Brand identity is as important to a brand as oxygen (and market share) is to a brand manager. We covet a great logo, but when that’s not available, we come up with our own. Here’s a collection of marks we’ve created for various clients. Our basic philosophy is high concept/low complexity. In other words, simplicity infused with a delightful surprise. We always start by designing for purity; it must look great small and in black and white or it will never be very useful.

01 | Logos

Logo moosehead-2

Moosehead Beer

Here’s a fresh take on a big hairy classic. The mammal head comes right from the label, only we refined the ornate woodcut into a silhouette for a more contemporary look and vibe.

Logo gooseisland

Goose Island Beer

At the time Goose Island was Chicago’s lone brewery, which we figured earned them a place of honor as the third star on the iconic Chicago flag. We distributed large replica city flags with this “goose star” to local bars. It gave the brand an incredible presence for a fraction of the cost of a neon sign.

Logo shiner holdem

Shiner Beer Promotion

Texas Hold ‘em poker is quite the craze with young adults so we created this retail promotion to help Shiner pick up some momentum on popular poker nights. One of the lines on the POS materials read, “The river. The flop. The hops.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Logo shiner bbq

Shiner Beer Promotion

For this retail grocery promotion we wanted to create a mark that had historical relevance, much like Shiner and the grand Texas tradition of beer and barbecue. It all works together in a powerfully tasty way, wouldn’t you agree?

Logo shiner96

Shiner Beer Anniversary Ale label

As Shiner Beer approached its centennial we helped roll out a series of special anniversary ales to celebrate the countdown. Here’s the label we created for “Shiner 96,” a delicious Märzen style lager. The cotton ball shape is a nod to Texas’s once proud cotton-farming region where the beer has always been brewed.

Logo shiner bocktoberfest

Shiner Beer Promotion

Every fall Shiner Beer would host Bocktoberfest, Texas’s version of Woodstock, a day-long concert in a field near the brewery. This mark set the mood as revelers by the thousands made the pilgrimage.

Logo follet rent text

Follett bookstores division

When Follett launched this new way of buying textbooks it was game changing, epic, monumental. In other words, the perfect case for a nice, clean simple mark that bows gracefully to a name that says it all.

Logo follet rent

Follett bookstores promotion

This was designed for a sweepstakes we created where college students could win rent money. The tiered look reflects apartment living, albeit in a more stylized manner than typical student tenements.

Logo ata-2

Airline brand evolution

While working with the folks at ATA Airlines we noticed a great opportunity for refinement. Let’s modify the “A” letters on the traditional logo so they resembled the tail on an airplane. A subtle but crafty evolution. We thought the idea would take flight, too, until they ceased operations. (Should’ve re-branded earlier.)

Logo oaklawn

Oaklawn Fire Department

We tried to give our finest to Oak Lawn’s finest. Great guys and not a lot of overthinking on their part. They’re too busy saving lives.

Logo snips

Holly Markovich, Mobile Hair Stylist

So this attractive lady comes to your office, closes the door and proceeds to give you a very stylish haircut (what busy executive has the time to venture out for grooming?). Your office cronies are left to wonder what is going on with all the snipping and oohing behind closed doors. A fun brand needs a fun mark.

Logo brewsters-2

Brewster’s Coffee

A good mark should elicit a feeling, or in this case a craving. Funny, but the Starbucks logo came after this and yet we can’t help but pat ourselves on the back for the similarities.

Logo tp

Crohn’s Disease fundraiser

This gem was created for a walk to help find a cure for Crohn's, an inflammatory bowel disease. We also gave the walk the perfect name: “A walk for the runs.” The writer rationalized this by saying, “You can't beat a good poop joke.” Good thing sufferers typically have a sense of humor.

Logo inspirationkitchens-2

New north side restaurant

This place is a great story. It’s designed to help the underprivileged gain skills to find work and exit homelessness and poverty. We started with this mark and moved on to a complete identity system, menus and signage-- even some of the interior design.

Logo premier dermatology

Cosmetic and medical dermatology practice

One of the largest dermatology practices in Illinois turned to us for a facelift of its own. Premier specializes in the latest technology including Fraxel® laser, which emits a very exacting light pattern that is represented by the stylized icon.

Logo debt-2

Debt consolidation company rebranding

Like many in the industry this company had a credibility hurdle to get over. Claims often sound too good to be true. We gave them a very forthright tone and positioned the brand around the notion of being good to yourself.