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Mark Shale

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We were jazzed to work for this well-known Chicago fashion retailer, dressing up their brand in a dramatic repositioning. For years, Mark Shale was the go-to clothier for men, following in the grand tradition of Chicago haberdasheries. But high fashion has become more fragmented with onslaughts from national retailers and the oh-so-lame business casual movement. Shale also wanted more of a presence in women’s fashion and hired designer Maria Pinto as Creative Director. Yes, that Maria Pinto, the one favored by Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama among others. We created a fresh, contemporary campaign, built around the idea that Shale curates the world’s best design collections for a look that is distinctly appropriate for this city and culture.

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To launch the new women's spring line we staged a fashion show and introduced Shale's new Creative Director, Maria Pinto, to the press. Maria dazzled as she always does. Put it this way: when you're used to dealing with Oprah and Michelle Obama, a few cameras and microphones from Chicago's news outlets are easy pickings. The event generated terrific publicity for Mark Shale. And after a brutal winter, it proved to be the official opening of spring.