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Mission Investment Fund

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This is a division within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America that offers members financial products such as CDs, checking accounts and IRAs. The money invested is then put to work funding loans to ELCA congregations and ministries. These organizations, in turn, use the loans to strengthen the church’s mission — by starting new congregations, supporting soup kitchens, building senior housing and making capital improvements.  It’s the ultimate “pay-it-forward” program with rewards much deeper than money. Investors share a common sense of purpose, knowing that every dollar invested helps support a much higher cause. Since the campaign launched, the number of new investors has increased by 18%, dollars invested are up 15% and loans made to congregations has grown by 13%. Not bad, given these demanding financial times.

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The great thing about this campaign is it lets Lutherans find the cross. Which is a lot more inspiring for Lutherans than finding Waldo.

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