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Moosehead Lager

Digital, Branding, Design, Print, OOH, Ambient, Events

The average drinker of this venerable Canadian brand was 42 years old. Moosehead needed to become more relevant to the 21-25 year old crowd where the volume lies. Enter the power of iconography and a creative strategy that celebrates human “mooseness” (a.k.a. maleness) by drawing comparisons between men and moose. The similarities are scary. And funny enough to move the needle. Sales were up an average of 23% in markets the advertising appeared.  

01 - Website

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02 | Brand Campaign

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The media mix included everything from posters to pizza box advertising. About the only tactic we ruled out was parachuting kegs into college towns in the middle of the night. Our client actually wanted to do this. Until we realized we'd probably all be arrested.

03 | Headball

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We needed to find a way to promote a forgotten brand in crowded, noisy bars. The traditional solution was rolling out a sampling event. We put our heads together and created an entirely new sport called Headball played with Velcro-covered Nerf balls and bathing caps. Outlandish? Not if it gets people to try our lager. Headball throws convention to the wind and gets the joints literally jumping. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, we developed a microsite for Headball, formed a governing body, petitioned the International Olympic Committee for inclusion, designed gear and started rolling out tournaments in key markets. Suddenly, the beer was flowing and a connection was formed with Moosehead that’s a lot stickier than Velcro.