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Paws Up Resort

Branding, Broadcast, Print

Ranked one of the hottest new resorts in the country by Conde Nast Traveler, this slice of heaven sits gracefully atop 37,000 acres of unspoiled Montana wilderness. Its rare combination of luxury and earthiness is working. The resort has attracted the attention of Hollywood types who typically set the trends for hot spots. The Rolling Stones rented out the entire place for a week. Even if they had erected the world’s tallest speaker towers and Jagger screamed into the mic at full rasp, it’s doubtful the neighbors could have heard them. If they even have any neighbors in the land of Lewis & Clark. 

01 | Print

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Tent City is a resort within Paws Up that offers glamour camping-- or "glamping" as some call it. You get a camping butler to do all your cooking and turn down your feather bed at night. Not a bad way to rough it in the wild. Before we die, we should all experience the privilege of snapping our fingers and having a camping butler put another log on the fire. 

02 | Radio

We did this spot for the four-star restaurant at Paws Up called "Pomp." It runs on the local radio stations in Missoula, Montana, the nearest town to the resort. It's designed to lure the foodies in this hip college town into sampling fine cuisine served up by the best chefs in the region. Surely Lewis & Clark longed for a better menu when they first discovered this land many moons ago. Funny to think that that deep down in their saddle bags they were foodies too.

This is the second "flashback" radio spot in a campaign that imagines the gastronomical torture Lewis & Clark must've endured along the trail way before "Pomp" arrived on the scene. Damn, we're lucky to have been born in the Foodie Generation.