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Premier Dermatology

Digital, Branding, Design, Print, OOH

It seems like everyone is getting into the Botox business these days. From cardiologists and OBGYNs trying to make up lost medical revenue to part-time clinicians in medi-spas. Our campaign for the largest dermatology practice in the Midwest is built around a compelling difference: It's staffed with 100% board-certified dermatologists who are specialists in all skin related procedures-- medical, surgical and cosmetic. Sure, we could have photographed a bunch of doctors in lab coats toting their diplomas. But showing the absurdity of uncertified posers in other professions makes the point more compellingly. Something none of us would ever find acceptable. To help make the case, we hired one of the best photographers around, Tony D’Orio, who always unearths the most interesting characters and crafts his images with a lovely sense of wit and style. The campaign includes a new website, which saw an increase in monthly unique visitors of 565% and page views increase by 281% when the media ads were running.  

01 - Website

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02 | Logo

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Being one of the largest dermatology practices around, Premier has premier technology. We designed this stylized icon for them based on the Fraxel® laser they specialize in using, which emits a very exacting light pattern.

03 | Posters

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We work with a lot of smart clients. But Dr. Kelleher, the Medical Director at Premier Dermatology, ranks at the top of the list. Heck, he's a doctor after all. We were a bit nervous going into the presentation and showed him several "safer" alternatives. But when we sprung this campaign on Doc Kelleher, he paused for a moment, checked his pulse and responded, "I like all the work you've shown me. But this campaign is why I hired Tom, Dick & Harry. Let's go for it." About the only execution he rejected was the one that showed an "uncertified pilot" who was holding a martini glass in his hand and half in the bag. No sense stirring up the FAA in the name of skin care. Smart man, that Dr. Kelleher.