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The PrivateBank

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In previous lives we worked with the nice people at LaSalle Bank and were able to create some interesting work. But one thing about banks: they like to gobble up other banks. So when Bank of America acquired LaSalle, most of LaSalle’s renowned commercial banking team took their talents cross-town to The PrivateBank. It was the banking equivalent of LeBron taking his talents to South Beach, only this was almost an entire division and they were all in pinstriped suits. We’re glad they also took our talents with them. Since this campaign broke The PrivateBank’s awareness has risen from virtually zero to 44% among mid-sized Chicago businesses. And importantly, on the perceptual attributes most important to business owners, The PrivateBank ranks near the top of its Chicago competitors.

01 | Print

Privatebank print1 Privatebank print2

There is an elegance to these ads that captures the magnificence that greets you when you enter the lobby of the main branch of The PrivateBank on LaSalle Street. The PrivateBank logo features a historic Palladian-style window from one of their first buildings. We borrowed from the architecture to create a visual tone for the campaign that conveys the bank's commitment to the old-world tradition of being “bankers for life.”

After getting to know the commercial banking group at The PrivateBank, we noticed a refreshing difference with the way they talked in meetings. They really shoot straight and pride themselves on being fluent in their clients' businesses rather than defaulting to stock MBA babble. Nobody even mentioned the word "leverage."  This seemed like a competitive advantage we could... uh...well... leverage.

03 | Radio Spot

Lots of banks talk about relationships. The PrivateBank lives for them. We crafted this radio spot to provide a humorous soliloquy on the subject of human relationships and make it clear that one bank is serious about lifelong commitments. 

Life has lots of stages. The PrivateBank is not just interested in helping you with your first car loan. They're committed to being with you through it all, including when you finally build that four-door showroom to hold your collector cars. (Like Cameron's dad... you know... Ferris Bueller's sidekick.)

How lucky are we to live in a hotbed of commerce like Chicago? This radio spot was written to celebrate our city's place as one of the world's major business centers. And it's good to know that in a time of economic strife, one Chicago bank still takes our stature seriously.