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The PTA chafes against the misperception that it's run by a small, closed clique of nosy moms who are old and out of touch. Many parents don’t have the time to join the PTA or don't understand what the organization does. And many don’t have a positive opinion of it. So PTA asked Tom, Dick & Harry to start teaching. Of course, covering PTA's hundreds of services and programs is impossible in a 30-second commercial. Instead we focused on one key benefit with a nod to other initiatives. The tone of the commercial was just as important as the message itself. We recommended humor because it’s an effective tool for breaking down walls and paints a fresh, contemporary brand personality. This campaign was among the leaders in the public service category.

01 | Television

It took a bunch of takes to nail this spot with a single camera move across a dolly. But the little girl was a good sport. She landed in a pile of foam each time and is probably still giggling. Hopefully, so are viewers.