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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is perhaps Chicago’s only true number one. We don’t have the world’s best symphony, though they’re damn good.  We no longer have the world’s tallest skyscraper, even though Dubai cheated. We’re not home of the best university, though The University of Chicago is always top 5. The Bulls won 6 titles. The Celtics won 14. And we’re no longer hog butcher to the world. Though Gene’s Sausage Shop (for one) still wields a pretty deft cleaver. But we do have the world’s best rehabilitation hospital. For 26 straight years, U.S. & World Report has ranked the RIC as the number one Rehabilitation Hospital. In sports, that would be a dynasty unlike any other. In recovering from a stroke, it’s even bigger. Our research showed that rankings matter most to consumers in two categories: Healthcare and education. So how do you handle being #1?  For one thing, you don’t bury it. Second City? Not here. Chicago’s the place where anyone who’s received a tough blow can get a second chance—thanks to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. First. Best. Numero uno. For 26 straight. Wave it.

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